Turochaksky District. Plot 70 acres. Tel. 8 905 989 72 66Plot 70 acres in the long lease for 49 years with the subsequent extension (prolongation) of protected areas, located on the right bank of a mountain lake Teletskoye, a 35-km. by p.Artybash (near p.Yaylyu) if we move in the direction of the southern coast (r.Chulyshman and Altai State Reserve), in the vicinity of pine forest. Without electricity, water (well drilling), sewage (septic tank unit), the unit might pier for yachts and boats in the summer to get a boat or on a mountain road schebёnchatoy car in winter you can snowmobile.

Quiet, cozy, picturesque location in front across the lake and the river Koldor mys.Nyanskoch near several waterfalls.

The cost of land 30 million rubles. Territory area is not the sale of shares. Possible expansion of the area territory.